About me

I'm Antonio. I'm a software engineer, designer, and product builder. I enjoy doing all 3 of them and I feel most comfortable when I am doing all 3 of them. I'm also a full-time comedian, I cook a lot, and on a normal weekend you'll find me roasting coffee, experimenting with koji and other ferments, and gallivanting in Dolores Park.

I'm based in San Francisco, though I was born in Spain and grew up in Madrid, Barcelona, and Quito, Ecuador.

I'm currently cofounder & CEO of bem. Before, I founded and led design, engineering, and product at Silo, a platform for food growers and distributors to run their business on.

Before that, I built Kite, an AI assistant for programmers acquired by Affirm, being its first engineering hire. Before Kite, I founded a health-tech company in Europe that was acquired by Kyowa Kirin, and worked on industrial design and strategy projects for clients like Paypal and Samsung.

Why this blog? What is this?

I'm trying to write more. I built my first website when I was 9, a Harry Potter fan club, and I had blogs and wrote a lot from age 9 to 18. I haven't held a publication or personal blog since then. I always have ideas to write about, so I figured let's do it.

Most of the time I will write about technology, company building, investing, and design, but the occasional food/fermentation/coffee/history post will slip in. There are too many things on Earth to just write about one.